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Will the 3D CAD models delivered be editable in my CAD software ?

It depends on the file format requested by you and the CAD package that you may be using. Reverse engineered CAD models in neutral formats such as STEP / IGES can be edited in your native CAD softwares, but not parametrically. You may add / subtract features and also edit geometric features in the CAD model. However, a feature tree will be absent. In the case of hybrid 3D CAD models, which have both surface features as well as solid features, geometric features such as holes, fillets, ribs, etc. may be edited by you easily but complex surface features may not be editable easily.
It is important for you to discuss with us the file type that you may want and the kind of reverse engineering (as-built vs original design-intent) suitable for your application. You may go through this query to learn more about the information that you need to provide before we can begin to process your 3D scanning enquiry.