Endless Possibilities On Fabforma

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing & rapid prototyping go hand in hand. Make as many design iterations as needed, test your prototypes thoroughly, choose the best designs before going to production & reduce the time to market of your final products. Get a competitive edge by increasing your product quality and reducing costs drastically. Ideal for consumer products, mechanical & hi-tech parts, medical devices, electronics, architectural models, tool designs

Scale Models

3D printing is a perfect partner for your miniatures and other scale model projects. Get your models printed for your personal use, exhibitions, displays & showcasing, demos, etc.You may even print working & functional models, either in one part or multiple parts, to be assembled together. A few examples are architectural models, vehicles, miniatures of people, engineering & mechanical models, toys and character models, geospatial models


3D print characters, puppets and customized props for animated films, short films, television shows and plays. Reduce the preparation time when compared to traditional methods. Print them in materials such as transparent resin if you would like to paint or die them or materials such as sandstone for full-color printing

Hobby & DIY Projects

You have the innovative designs, the creativity and the enthusiasm for making stuff. Move beyond the traditional modes of fabrication and give a form to your projects with 3D printing. Create a fully functional model in one part without any assemblies or create different assembly parts in different materials. Integrate with various electrical & electronic components such as micro-controllers, sensors, GPS modules, cameras, etc. to add a wide assortment of functionalities to your projects

Replacements & Spare Parts

3D printing, combined with 3D scanning, can fabricate custom-fitting replacements and spare parts for your vintage items, replacement parts for obsolete or damaged parts in your machinery, vehicles, household items, etc. and where it has become very difficult for you to source the original parts. MRO (maintenance, repairs and overhaul) units in variuos establishments can 3d print replacement parts when and where needed and quickly, too

Jewellery Making

Redefine custom jewellery making with 3D printing. No longer the domain of big brands and manufacturing units, independent designers and creatives can turn into entrepreneurs using digital manufacturing. Sometimes, all you may need is some artistic skills and a sketch to turn your designs into fine, intricate pieces. Use SLA & DLP processes to 3D print accurate master patterns for your pieces. When coupled with silicon molding & investment casting, your intricacies are brought to life in various semi-precious and precious metals

Molds & Patterns

Reduce your tooling costs and lead-times drastically by using 3D printed molds and patterns. Get your molds for injection molding, vacuum casting, blow molding, etc. and master patterns for investment castings, silicon moldings and sand castings, 3D printed in various thermoplastics, resins and wax. Print them on demand, without the need for storing inventory

Customized Gifts

Phone & computer accessories, ornaments, decoratives, miniatures, fashion accessories, household accessories, curios, trophies, collectibles....Design & 3D print your concepts and ideas for adding more creativity and uniqueness to your shops & boutiques, personalised gifts to dear ones, wedding gifts, corporate gifts

Art & Crafts

Push the boundaries of 3D printing technologies for bringing your digital and hand-strokes to life in different kinds of materials and take advantage of numerous post-printing processes on Fabforma to impart the perfect aesthetics to your finished artworks. Fabforma serves as a creative platform for fine artists, sculptors, CG artists, VFX artists, cartoonists and anyone wishing to present their artistic skills in a new medium

Promotional Products

Create just about anything to promote your brand, your events and shows, in innovative and affordable ways. 3D printing is not just a great tool for manufacturers but also a fantastic marketing tool for small businesses, independent professionals, promotion of brands and events. Promotions can be through customised packaging, innovative cards, bespoke accessories, one-of-a-kind stationery items, among various other possibilities.Create your one-of-a-kind products only when and where needed, without the need for heavy marketing expenditures for your business

Gadgets & Tools

In this fast-paced, ever-changing technological landscape, use 3D printing to get an edge and be ahead of the game always. Experience the look and feel of your products before final production runs, test their functionalities, launch your products early with the best designs and build an enviable portfolio for your business

Medical Devices

Bespoke and custom-fitting medical devices and instruments such as hearing aids, mobility aids, orthoses (braces, splints, insoles), surgical instruments, dental appliances are extremely well suited for 3D printing processes. Use 3D printing to bring such devices to market at a much faster pace, with precise custom requirements and at significantly lower costs


Bring your innovations and bespoke creations to life at home. Create not only unique, aesthetical items such as modern decor and accessories but functional and working tools, too, which can make you household chores a lot easier and maybe fun, too. Create practical items of utility for your kitchen, furniture, bath, garden. Finding difficulty in sourcing replacement parts for your household items ? Why not 3D scan and 3D print them when needed


Design and print your bespoke fashion accessories for your personal use, fashion boutiques, shows and also for customized gifts. Professional designers can infuse even greater creativity into their works by combining 3D scanning with 3D printing to create a blend of traditional & ultra-modern designs and also to create custom fitting accessories such as footwear and eyewear

Custom Packaging

Invest in customized packaging to add value to your products and to make your brand & products stand out among the competition. Add value by using a 3D scan to 3D print process on Fabforma. Get accurate and complex packaging made easily by 3D scanning your products and designing the packaging accurately as per the shape & size of the products. For large volume production, print and test prototypes of your packaging whereas for small batch production, print your packaging for end-use

End-Use Functional Parts

Make single parts or produce small batches for end-use or for functional testing. You can also fabricate your customized products as a single part instead of joining multiple parts. Explore & test new markets with small batch production and reduce your business risks and costs

Toys & Games

From simple board games to futuristic action figures, leverage the affordability & versatility of 3D printing in various polymers to make your next one-of-a-kind toy. Bring your favourite characters, your fantasy and virtual games to life and customise them in your own ways


As a consumer goods manufacturer, a boutique owner or as a hobbyist, create functional, durable and aesthetical accessories with unique designs. Accessories for gadgets, household items, fashion & jewellery, vehicles, gaming are highly suitable for 3D printing. Other novel applications involve creating accessories for musical instruments, sporting goods, among numerous other categories

Science & Research Projects

Students and researchers in various design fields such as industrial design, product design, engineering design, etc. & various engineering disciplines such as mechanical engg, civil engg, aerospace engg, biomedical engg, mechatronics, etc. can add a new dimension to their curriculum projects by incorporating 3D printing & 3D scanning. 3D printing is a great tool for students to print their projects for visualization and study purposes, to experiment with their designs and perform multiple iterations or to give them an edge while participating in competitions


Using 3D scanning, digitize your inventory of old parts, molds and all sorts of old tooling and 3D print or manufacture them on demand, with or without any required design iterations. Get rid of unutilised parts in physical form and increase your production efficiencies. 3D scan your custom-made parts and one-of-a-kind objects for reverse engineering and quality inspection purposes

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