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Managing your enquiries & orders for 3D Print, 3D Design & 3D Scan projects on Fabforma
Managing your 3D Printers & 3D Scanners on Fabforma

Concept to Creation

Submit your well detailed project enquiries on Fabforma, make payment using one of the many cashless options on the platform and start your 3D Print, 3D Design & 3D Scan projects, all from the comfort of your workplace or home

Manage all 3D Projects Together

Track the progress of your projects on a common workspace, right from your enquiries upto product deliveries, give your approvals and get your 3D projects completed on Fabforma, quickly and conveniently!

Real-Time Information

Get real-time updates with all the necessary service related information such as availability, materials and colors / finishes, post-processing services, etc. and make informed decisions quickly

Connecting The Dots

Working towards a seamless integration of all your 3D printable projects on one platform

Give a shape and form to your printable 3D models and CAD designs with 3D printing on Fabforma, available in a wide variety of materials, colors and finishes. Submit your requirements, finalize the optimum solutions for your projects and get your 3D prints delivered to you. Use 3D printing for producing a single part as well as for small-batch production

Get your sketches, drawings, drafts, images and other concepts converted into printable 3D models. Also, work with CAD designers & 3D modellers to get your existing 3D models modified and assembled, repaired for 3D printing, 3D scans processed and cleaned for 3D printing. For quick turnarounds, 3D print your 3D models on Fabforma

From tiny artifacts to mid-sized consumer & industrial products, get your objects 3D scanned by experts, either on-site or at the scanner location, so as to help you make quick design changes, repair damages, digitize your inventory or even bring an entirely new product to life, in as little turnaround time as possible. Get your printable 3D scans 3D printed on Fabforma

Multi-Level 3D Model Inspection

Even good quality models may not be flawless when it comes to 3D printing. We analyse your files to check their printability, perform repairs, if needed, saving you a lot of time and money !

Different features of your parts will be analysed to check their adherence to the print material requirements

Your 3D model will be checked for areas which are vulnerable to breakages

Printability issues will be checked to ensure successful prints and errors may be repaired automatically or even manually

One Platform For All

Fabforma serves as a unique, one-stop 3D print destination for businesses and adventurous students, alike

A trusted, quality partner in growth for independent professionals and design agencies, service bureaus, MSMEs, entrepreneurs

An ideal platform for product designers & manufacturers,3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists, artists, researchers, engineering & design institutes

No barriers....across industries, across geographies! Work with top 3D modellers on Fabforma and get your printable 3D models delivered globally

Stand out from the crowd with your unique and bespoke designs. Need changes in your existing designs quickly ? Can be taken care of on Fabforma !

Make things on Fabforma that you've never made before - Fulfill even the highest level of customization demands of your projects

Complete transparency on Fabforma, right from your enquiries to product deliveries - be it service charges, break-ups, applicable taxes, processing time