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What is the procedure to get an estimate from Fabforma for my 3D scanning project ?

We encourage our clients to utilize our website to send us their project requirements with relevant images, documents and all necessary information. This makes it easy for our scanning team (and also for the client) to track the progress of the project easily, saving both of us time at later stages of the project.
    However, clients may also email us their project details at support@fabforma.com and our scanning team can take it forward from there. Irrespective of the mode through which we receive your project enquiry, for every project, we require atleast these few details from you so that we can send an accurate quotation for the project and any chances of misunderstandings between the client and us are minimized.
  • a) Clear images of the object to be scanned, representing all sides of the object;
  • b) All dimensions (approximate) of the object;
  • c) Output file format to be delivered;
  • d) End-use application of the data;
The more project details you would be able to share with us, the faster we would be able to process your project enquiry.