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What is x-y resolution in 3D printing and when does it become important for my project?

The minimum sizes of the features on the x-y plane are determined by the x-y resolution of the 3D printer. You may think of the x-y resolution as the smallest printable dot on the x-y plane. Any feature designed smaller than the maximum x-y resolution of the printer will either print incompletely or will fail to print. So while designing highly detailed models, it becomes important for the designer to also consider this important printing parameter. Also, highly detailed or very small models are primarily printed with SLA / DLP / material jetting technologies which can take care of the fine surface resolution of the models and the importance of the x-y resolution parameter is more significant with respect to these printing technologies than with FDM. To learn more about our recommended minimum feature sizes for printing at Fabforma, you may visit this page.