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How can I benefit from 3D scanning ?

You get very high-quality & accurate data quickly & at reasonable costs, which you may use at any stage during your production pipeline and also during your research projects. Depending on the end-use application of the project, for some clients, the production times and costs may be reduced significantly and for others, there may not be an alternative to 3d scanning technology for their complex projects.
3D scanning (structured light scanning & laser scanning) technology is being adopted increasingly by businesses & professionals across various sectors for various kinds of applications which you may see out here. It is advancing and moving far beyond the traditional applications involving measurements.

    These are some of the ways through which the technology in its multiple forms can benefit you :
  • a) Need 3D CAD data for legacy parts;
  • b) Parts have too complex surfaces and intricate geometries to be measured and modelled manually;
  • c) Need to convert your parts into 3D models / 3D CAD files in the shortest possible lead times and also at cost-effective prices;
  • d) When the accuracy of CAD data required is very high:- possible to go upto 10 µm with our high-accuracy instruments;
  • e) Need replacement and spare parts which are unavailable in the markets;
  • f) Need custom-fitting designs for your projects - from scanning the base part to 3D modelling according to custom requirements to prototyping and manufacturing the customized part;
  • g) Need to redesign a part for which no source CAD data is available with you;
  • h) Need 3D models of complex and highly detailed objects to be embedded into real-time virtual applications such as augmented reality and virtual reality apps;
  • i) Need to perform quality inspection of your parts by comparing the scan data with source CAD data to analyze the wear and tear, accuracy of the as-built parts / manufacturing defects / deviations from the original design-intent, etc.
  • j) Need 3D CAD data for performing CAE applications such as CFD & FEA analysis as part of your analysis during the production flow