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What are the different applications of 3D scanning that you support ?

    At Fabforma, we have a talented team of CAD designers & mesh modellers along with high-end 3D scanners, which support all kinds of industrial and consumer applications. However, we do not specialize in projects such as archaeological surveying, BIM projects, long range distance measurements, etc. We have worked with clients across a diverse range of sectors varying from manufacturing to dentistry, for the following downstream applications of 3d scanning,
  • a) Reverse engineering for part redesigning, manufacturing, CAE
  • b) 3D scanning for rapid prototyping
  • c) Quality Inspection (3D Inspection)
  • d) 3D scanning for producing CG assets
  • e) 3D scanning for visualization
We are always open to trying out new applications and encourage you to reach out to our scanning team if you want to discuss how 3D scanning can help your project and your business or if you want to try out a new application of 3D scanning with us.