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3D printing materials for urethane casting (vacuum casting)

Customers may procure high quality 3D printed master patterns from us for urethane castings. Highly detailed masters with complex geometries and smooth surfaces can be 3D printed in Standard Resin and Clear Resin materials. Post printing, the masters can be further prepared for urethane casting with polishing techniques.

Typical applications would include automotive parts, consumer goods, medical devices, sporting goods, toys, scale models, machine parts, household appliances, etc.

Along with 3D printed master patterns, we can also provide urethane casting service for various applications including the above-mentioned applications. If you are looking for small-batch production of parts (few 10’s to a few 100’s) in production-grade plastics, we can help you out through vacuum casting of different kinds of urethane resins, depending on the end-use application. The properties of the cast parts can mimic different kinds of production-grade polymers including ABS, PP, Nylon, PC-ABS, transparent materials, rubber, etc.