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Improving the surface quality of 3D prints with post-processing techniques

Due to the very nature of the fabrication process, 3D printed parts have visible lines on their surfaces, unless they are printed at a very fine layer resolution. These visible lines can be removed through a combination of post-processing techniques, if required.
Since parts are printed at a relatively lower resolution with the FDM printing technology (layer resolution > 100 ┬Ám), the lines corresponding to the 3D printed layers are visible most on FDM printed parts. For other technologies offered at Fabforma, layer lines will mostly be invisible since the parts are printed at much higher resolutions.

For 3D printed parts as is,
ABS, ABS plus, HIPS parts will have a slight matte finish;
PLA, PETG, PETG-Glass parts will have a slight glossy finish;
Ceramic Resin will have a smooth matte finish;
Standard Resin, Clear Resin parts will have a smooth glossy finish;
Castable resin will have a matte finish;
SLS Nylon, SLS Glass Filled Nylon, SLS Polystyrene parts will have a slight grainy matte finish

For parts printed in ABS (and its blends) material, the surface quality can be improved by a combination of slight sanding and chemical treatment (acetone smoothing process).
For parts printed in standard resin material, the surface quality is improved by buffing (polishing) of the parts.
For all thermoplastics and thermoset resins, we can offer sanding & painting of the parts, on demand. However, please note that the lead time increases considerably for orders which include painting jobs.