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I am not sure about the material for my 3D printing project. Can your team suggest me the optimum material?

    Yes, we can definitely help you out with that. But prior to that, you would need to discuss a few points with us regarding your 3D printing project. Some of them would be,

  • a) the end-use application of the 3D printed parts;
  • b) any special mechanical or chemical properties of the printed parts that you would be looking at ( for eg, water-proof, chemically resistant, flexibility, high-temperature resistant, transparency, castability, high strength, etc.);
  • c) any fine geometric details expected to be printed;
  • d) the overall size and quantity of the parts
  • e) for how long would you expect to use the printed parts;
  • f) the budget of your 3D printing project.

You may also visit this page to learn more about the most suitable 3D printing technology for your project.
To get a quotation for your parts quickly, you may upload your cad files / 3D models on our website or you may email us the files with all the required information at support@fabforma.com.