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3D printing materials for end-use production

3D printing has been primarily used for prototyping applications. However, with technological advancements and innovation in materials, more and more use-cases are being discovered for 3D printed parts as end-use products. For end-use applications, 3D printed parts may either be directly procured by consumers or used by businesses in the creation of a higher-value product.
    Some of the end-use applications which have already adopted 3D printing as a production technique,

  • a) Master patterns for various kinds of castings in polymers and metals;
  • b) Tooling parts in the form of custom jigs and fixtures and other manufacturing aids;
  • c) Medical devices such as hearing aids and surgical implants;
  • d) Surgical models;
  • e) Orthodontic appliances;
  • f) Custom prostheses;
  • f) Replacement and spare parts;
  • f) Promotional items and personalized gifts;
  • f) Scale models;
  • f) Props for animation and gaming;

Nylon 12 (PA 2200), Glass filled Nylon materials are being increasingly used for end-use applications across different sectors due to its versatility and high durability. ABS is being used for custom jigs and fixtures. Different kinds of resins and polystyrene materials are being used as master patterns for various kinds of castings. Sandstone and PLA are being used for developing surgical models.

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