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3D printing of custom jigs and fixtures

Customised jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids are a perfect example of an optimum 3D printing application for industrial uses. Some of the many benefits of 3D printed custom manufacturing aids include,
  • a) creating complex parts quickly as compared to other production methods;
  • b) multiple design iterations can be done quickly and cost-effectively before finalizing the perfect fitting part;
  • c) manufacturing single parts cost-effectively, without the need for expensive tooling;
  • d) varying the toughness and strength of the printed parts with control over the printing parameters

Customised manufacturing aids such as jigs and fixtures are in constant demand across various industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, watch-making, industrial pumps and motors, high-tech, furniture, consumer appliances, etc.
To get a quotation for your parts quickly, you may upload your cad files / 3D models on our website or you may email us the files with all the required information at support@fabforma.com.