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Which all industries and sectors can utilize Fabforma's 3D scanning services ?

Almost all sectors have been benifitting in some way or the other by adopting 3D scanning. For a few sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, heavy machinery, foundries, wind power, heritage & preservation, 3D scanning is increasingly moving towards becoming an essential technology to cut down production times and costs while increasing the quality of products, simultaneously. You may learn more about the sectors that we have worked with out here.

    Some of the industries & sectors which have adopted 3D scanning extensively :
  • a) Aerospace
  • b) Consumer Goods
  • c) Automotive
  • d) Medical
  • e) Heavy Engineering
  • f) Hi-Tech
  • g) Foundries
  • h) Electronics
  • i) Footwear
  • j) Packaging
  • k) Wind Power
  • l) Architecture
  • m) Gaming
  • n) Movies
  • o) Cultural Heritage & Preservation
  • p) Defence
  • q) Education
  • r) Online retail