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How long does the 3D scanning process usually take and what are the typical lead times for 3D scanning projects ?

The lead times depend entirely on the 3D model file format requested by the client. For 3D scanning projects where only the 3D scan data is to be delivered ( point-cloud data / triangulated mesh data), we can deliver the scan data within the same day itself. Depending on the object size, shape and complexity, the scanning process (together with post-processing of scan data) may take from half-an-hour to a few hours. The other major factor which affects the turnaround time of your projects is the position of your 3D scanning order in the queue of projects, if any, which are associated with one of our 3D scanners. However, due to the quick data capture rates by structured light 3D scanners (as opposed to laser 3D scanners or CMM instruments), you should not expect your order to be in a queue on any typical day.
For reverse engineering & quality inspection services, we typically deliver the data within 2-3 working days per part. If a file format has been requested by you which falls outside of our typical workflow, it may take slightly longer than usual. You may always get in touch with our technical team to know more about the lead times associated with a specific file format that you may want.
In general, you may keep this order in mind when considering the lead times associated with different kinds of output file formats for our 3D scanning projects :
STL mesh (triangulated mesh data) < surface 3D models (non-parametric) < solid 3D models (parametric)