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Comparing the hardness of various 3D printing materials at Fabforma

For 3D printing materials available at Fabforma, generally speaking, the hardness values can be stated in the following order,

wax < silicone rubber < thermoplastics < thermoset resins < metals

Within the available thermoplastics, PLA, ABS plus and Glass Filled Nylon have the highest hardness values and Flex PLA has the lowest value. You will find the hardness values of the available thermoplastics, except Flex PLA, to be within the range, 70 – 85 Shore D. Flex PLA has a hardness value of 45 Shore D.
Broadly speaking, photopolymer resins have a slightly higher hardness than the available thermoplastics for 3D printing. The hardness values of the different resins vary between 80 to 90 Shore D, making them only slightly harder, or similar in hardness, when compared to the hardest available thermoplastics, PLA, ABS plus and Glass Filled Nylon.

You can learn more about the various 3D printing materials available with us out here. Please reach out to our team anytime if a new material is required for your project.