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Are flexible materials available for 3D printing at Fabforma?

Yes, a few thermoplastics with varying degrees of flexibility are available at Fabforma. Flex PLA is a material with a relatively higher level of flexibility than other available materials. ABS and Nylon 12 (PA 2200) are other materials which exhibit mild flexibility. Please note that the flexibility of the printed parts is inversely proportional to the wall thickness of the parts. As the wall thickness decreases, parts exhibit higher flexibility.
So as per the design of the part, it is possible to create a printed part with varying degrees of flexibility within the same part.
Flex PLA exhibits a shore D hardness level of around 45D, whereas Nylon 12 (PA 2200) and ABS have Shore D values of approximately 75D and 80D, respectively. Flex PLA and Nylon 12 materials can be used to print flexible parts such as living hinges, springs, phone cases, etc.

A 3D printed flexible spring in Nylon 12 (PA 2200) material

To get a quotation for your parts quickly, you may upload your cad files / 3D models on our website or you may email us the files with all the required information at support@fabforma.com.