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Do you also offer composite materials for 3D printing?

    Yes, we have a few composite materials for 3D printing at Fabforma:
  • a) Ceramic Resin is a photopolymer nano-filled resin composite material which is harder than Standard Resin material. 3D prints made with Ceramic Resin material have one of the smoothest surfaces and are very dimensionally accurate. It is a popular material at Fabforma for its use in rubber molding;
  • b) PETG-Glass is a thermoplastic composite which is a blend of PETG polymer and glass fibres. It is stiffer and more durable than PETG polymer. It is used for making electronics components, architectural parts, industrial parts which require a high degree of transparency;
  • c) Glass Filled Nylon (PA 3200 GF) is also a thermoplastic composite which is a blend of Nylon 12 and glass beads. It is commonly used in automotive applications and other industrial applications where high heat resistance and good mechanical wear-resistance are required. It also has high stiffness and good dimensional accuracy.

To check out the complete list of 3D printing materials, including various thermoplastics and thermosets, you may visit this page.