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What kind of 3D scanners do you use for your scanning projects ?

We use high-end, non-contact industrial 3D scanners for all our 3D scanning projects. We mainly employ white light & blue light 3D scanning technologies (structured-light 3D scanning), which capture high-resolution data extremely fast and without compromising on the high accuracy levels expected from such high-end precision instruments.
The technologies used are purely non-contact & non-destructive in nature. Due to the recent rapid developments in the field of optical scanning, structured-light 3D scanning is increasingly being adopted by various participants across industries. The high-end & high speed 3D scanners used by us very easily meet the tolerances handed out by manufacturers, can capture complex free-form surfaces in high-resolution and generate high-quality data quickly and in a non-destructive way.
Once our technical team discusses the details of the project with the client, including the end-use application of the 3D scan, we select the most optimum 3D scanner for the respective project, which would provide the best price-performance factor to the client. We, at Fabforma, are dedicated to making 3D scanning accessible to everyone who wishes to integrate this technology into their projects, which may be for industrial & consumer applications or for research & development.