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3D printed jewellery at Fabforma: Benefits

As the advantages of jewellery making with 3D printing become more and more obvious, the industry is increasingly embracing cad-cam methods for jewellery making, like never before. At Fabforma, we have jewellery cad specialists and jewellery 3D printing experts to take care of your custom jewellery projects. There are many benefits of partnering with us for your jewellery projects,
  • a) experienced cad designers to take care of all kinds of custom designs;
  • b) cad design experience across all kinds of jewellery – fine, imitation, temple, etc.;
  • c) rapid iterations in custom design to get your perfect design for manufacturing;
  • d) experience in designing for 3D printing and various kinds of metal castings, including gold, silver and brass;
  • e) high resolution and affordable 3D printing of jewellery models, with x-y resolution reaching as high as 62 microns;
  • f) different materials available for direct casting and rubber molding applications;
  • g) very accurate production of intricate designs, not possible through traditional methods.