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I need a scan to print solution for my project.

3D scan to 3D print projects for product designing, prototyping, tooling and other applications are increasingly becoming popular at Fabforma. We are witnessing an increase in 3D scan to 3D print projects as more of our customers are realizing the benefits offered to them in terms of accuracy and speed.
    Some of the applications of the 3D scan to 3D print solution at Fabforma,
  • a) The workflow is commonly used for redesigning an existing part or an assembly and checking its form and fit with 3D printing before proceeding for production;
  • b) It is also used for creating new tooling components by 3D scanning and modeling of legacy parts, worn-out parts and then 3D printing the newly designed parts for end-use applications;
  • c) Vintage parts, which are no longer available in the market, can be accurately recreated in your choice of material through our high accuracy 3D scan to 3D print solution;
  • d) Complex organic objects can be quickly and accurately recreated in a different material for applications such as jewellery master patterns, dental models, animation props.
Recreating small sub-10 mm parts with fine details can also be done easily with our high resolution 3D scanner and 3D printer.