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What are the various applications of 3D printing?

3D printing has numerous applications and is finding use in almost all major industries. As the technology continues to improve significantly, new innovative materials become available and most importantly, production costs continue to decline, more and more industry participants are getting comfortable with the adoption of 3D printing on a regular basis. It continues to replace traditional fabrication methods for many applications while also being employed to bring new innovative products to the markets. 3D printing still remains the primary tool for rapid prototyping but other applications such as rapid tooling, end-use production parts, replacement parts, scale models, personalized gifts, etc. are gaining ground rapidly.
We have listed most of the diverse applications out here, all of which we cover at Fabforma for your 3D printing needs. To get a quotation for your parts quickly, you may upload your cad files / 3D models on our website or you may email us the files with all the required information at support@fabforma.com.