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What kind of rapid tooling applications can Precision Forma help?

  • a) High quality 3D printed parts can be used as master patterns for different kinds of casting processes such as investment casting, sand casting, vacuum casting, plaster casting, rubber molding / silicone molding;
  • b) 3D printed plastic molds can be used for injection molding / silicone molding;
  • c) Jigs and fixtures can be printed in high strength, tough polymers whenever needed.

Precision Forma can also provide high quality vacuum casting (Urethane casting) and silicone molding services to be a one-stop shop for its customers for rapid tooling applications.
To get a quotation for your parts quickly, you may upload your cad files / 3D models on our website or you may email us the files with all the required information at support@fabforma.com.