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Jewellery 3D printing

At Fabforma, we provide cad-cam services for all kinds of jewellery, including fine jewellery, imitation jewellery and temple jewellery. With a team of experienced cad designers and camming experts at Fabforma, we can take all kinds of jewellery-making projects, big or small. Complementing the cad-cam services, we also offer RTV molding (silicon rubber molding) and casting in sterling silver and brass materials at competitive charges.
    Services at Fabforma which our customers can avail for jewellery-making,
  • a) CAD designing;
  • b) 3D printing (camming);
  • c) RTV molding (silicon rubber molding);
  • d) Casting in Sterling Silver and Brass

3D printing for jewellery is available in castable materials and also non-castable materials (for rubber molding). You may learn more out here about these materials available at Fabforma. To start your custom jewellery project with us, you may send an email at support@fabforma.com or visit our office anytime.