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What 3D model file formats are supported by 3D scanning & reverse engineering on Fabforma ?

We can deliver almost all the major 3D model / 3D CAD files to our clients. However, the most commonly requested files remain STL file format and STEP / IGES file formats. It is very important for you to let us know at the time of discussing the project details, the specific file format that you need, since the type of file format requested directly affects the turnaround time of the project and hence, the 3D scanning project costs. It is also equally important for you to let us know the end-use application of the 3D scan data, so that we can deliver the appropriate file formats to you. You may please go through this query if you would like to know which 3D model file format would be most suitable for your project.
For point-cloud data, we can deliver .asc file format;
For polygonal 3D models, we can deliver various file formats such as .stl, .obj, .ply, .vrml, .3ds, .dae, etc.;
For drawing files, we can deliver .dwg & .dxf file formats;
For neutral 3D CAD file formats, we can deliver .stp, .igs, .x_t (parasolid) file formats;